5 Reasons to Keep your Money at a Credit Union (2024)

5 Reasons to Keep your Money at a Credit Union (1)

Trying to decide where you should keep your money? Or maybe you’re keeping your money at a big bank and are ready to stop paying more for less. This guide will tell you five reasons why you should ditch your bank become a Member-Owner of a Credit Union today!

1. Credit Unions Have an Emphasis on Customer Service

A credit union is a cooperative, meaning that it is owned and operated by its members, and is not owned by its stockholders like a bank. This means that credit unions typically have better customer service support because they’re made by members, for members.

2. Credit Unions Have Better Motives

Because credit unions are nonprofits, their motives are different than big banks. Rather than prioritizing profits over people, Credit Unions are looking to put their profits back into the institution, not into the pockets of wealthy shareholders.

3. Better Loan Rates

Like we hinted at in the last reason, Credit Unions are known to have better and lower loan rates compared to big banks because our profits go right back to our members in the form of great deals. Expect lower interest rates and bigger returns with a Credit Union. Don’t believe us?Take a look at our interest rates and see for yourself!

4. Insurance

Your money is safer in a Credit Unions hands because all accounts are federally insured up to $250,000 and backed by the U.S. government.

5. Earnings on Savings Accounts

Statistically, personal savings accounts from Credit Unions fare better than accounts in major banks. Grow your money faster with a Value+ Money Market account, or a share certificate.

Ready to make the switch and start owning your future? Learn more about the products, services, and financial education that the USC Credit Union offers!

5 Reasons to Keep your Money at a Credit Union (2024)


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