The 28 best sunsets in Rhodes Town (2024)

Rhodes Castle is a Gothic-style castle from the 14th century that was turned into a residence for Italian Mussolini in the 20th century. The site of the original Byzantine fortress, it features museums of ancient and medieval Rhodes.

Incredible palace, with a lot of history. There are many statues and as we were exiting the palace we almost didn't see the stairs going up into the living quarters. It delves into what regular life was at the palace and also gives an overview of the history of the palace and Rhodes itself, with also a model reconstruction of a ship. Also very good value for money as you pay 10 euro for a special ticket combining the art museum, archeological museum, palace of the grand master and the church.

Huanhao Ye — Google review

10€ for a combined ticket including 4 different attractions. This one was not the best of them. The outside was beautiful and there was a lovely looking sculpture garden but you couldn't go in it. The inside was quite simple and the main feature in every room was the mosaic tiles which were all described down to the last morsel. However, there was very little else to see and the information linked to this was often written at the end rather than the beginning. The room with the knights clothing was by far the best one.You will need to walk up steep steps, so it is not suitable for disabled people.

Coralie Pattenden — Google review

The views from outside were more enjoyable than the actual experience. I enjoyed the plaques that explained more about the history. If you're a historian and enjoy these type of things, it may be worth paying the 8 euros to enter. I'm a seasoned traveler and would have preferred to spend those 8 euros on something else. The outside of this place is definitely the highlight (and free). If you are on a budget, you can definitely skip this exhibit. If you've got the time to kill and don't know what else to do, this is a decent option. They have bathrooms at the entrance which were decently maintained

Nick Kiessig — Google review

Some interesting art in the main museum but most of the original statues were damaged by earthquakes. The outdoor garden is peaceful and has a few impressive frescoes. There is a small museum in the back with a few excellent pieces, some going back almost 8,000 years. Most of the castle is a reconstruction in the last century. The staff is very knowledgeable and can offer some historical insight.

Arkk Smith — Google review

Nice place! We went only to the Palace and had a look around. For that the entrance price might be a little too much, but you vCam easily get a combo ticket with other museums to make it worth your while. I really liked their collection of mosaics.

Emilia Herbst — Google review

The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes is a testament to the power and prestige of the Knights of Rhodes. It also sounds pretty cool. Stepping foot inside this magnificent fortress, you can't help but be overwhelmed by its architectural splendor and rich historical significance. A must-see for any history enthusiast (my son--- the history and archaelogy major) seeking to immerse themselves in the captivating world of medieval knights.The entrance was 10 Euros. It felt steep but you will spend at least 1.5 hours exploring the huge case and its grounds.

Michael Garcia — Google review

It is worth visiting the grand master's palace, it is a piece of Greek history. It really preserved the medieval architecture and we admired the preserved medieval walls and construction the whole time. I definitely recommend a visit. I recommend buying tickets in advance through the official site of Greek monuments. It's called the Hellenic Heritage. For Europeans under the age of 25, a free ticket to this monument is available through this website. For people over 25, you can also find a cheaper ticket than on commercial sites that sell tickets

Lukáš Gába — Google review

Very interesting and well preserved monument. There was a “history of Rhodes” exhibition on when I visited which had a lot of items on display. After finding the way up into the palace (doorway to the right of the ticket office) I was very impressed with the way the palace had been preserved and the video storyboards were very interesting.I went on a Saturday morning expecting to join a queue for tickets but when I arrived there was no queue at all, initially went on a Friday and the queue was enormous.

Les Cooper — Google review

It was OK for 8 eur, though there are plenty of beauties for free or much cheaper. Mosaic floors are not renovated, rooms are hardly decorated or equipped.The most impressive it is from outside.Slight disappointment for us, Rhodes provides much more great sights, even for free...EU vaccination certificate was throughly checked.

Zolt?n Csehi — Google review

I’m not sure what is not to like about the palace which the combined ticket only costs €10 and you can visit the archaeological museum & other attractions with the same ticket…Lots of mosaics exhibited in the palace and lots of rooms, hallways.. I found it very enjoyable to walk around, although there’s not much texts about the history itself, only about the mosaics.Definitely worth a visit just to have a stroll. It’s a nice palace building on its own.

Haynes Cheung — Google review

Great experience. Just direction signs or a small map on the ticket is missing. Than my mark shall reach maximum of 5 stars. Otherwise very well maintained, with interesting exhibitions. Recommend visiting.

Toni Koro?ec — Google review

We bought a combo ticket 10€, the child is free, the price includes visiting 4 places. In the Palace of the Grand Master on the ground floor there is an exhibition of antiquity, many exhibits, it is interesting to look at and read the names, as well as find out what period of time they belong to.On the second floor, the atmosphere of a real knight's castle. Unfortunately, there is little information in the museum itself about the life of this period, so it would be good to search and get acquainted with information on the Internet in advance.We spent almost 2 hours, but for my teenage child, unfortunately, it was not so interesting as it was for me.

Irina Tikka — Google review

Beautiful, well preserved building. My husband and I visited on a Sunday, payment in was 8 euros each. Nice and cool inside, great relief from the heat of Rhodes. Definitely worth the visit, could easily spend 1.5. Hours here. Didn't appear to be guided tours/ maps/ information leaflets when we visited. Would suggest you bring your own booklet/ read information about the palace before you visit, so that you know about it.

Marian Tobin — Google review

This ancient medieval castle with a residence built in gothic style (very uncommon in Eastern lands of Byzantine influence), was carefully rebuilt by the Italians in 1940, who were then in control of the island. It is a real fortress, not a fake or ceremonial one, full of history, having been the headquarters of Knights Hospitaller. There's an interesting collection of ancient uniforms inside.

Jorge Bernardo — Google review

For 8€ you can take a quick walk through this ancient palace.The atrium is neat and beautiful. It shows some statues. The main course takes you on the first floor, after a short visit to a small chapel. Following through various rooms, you can see differently styled rooms of which many show famous mosaic layings on the ground.It is a nice little walk through the building. The whole course takes around 30 minutes, depending on time you want to spend there. It is worth a visit.

Sabrina Wulf — Google review

Magnificent castle with lots of old relics, tools, jewelry and pottery. You get amazed how old some of them are. The castle is floored with marble and lot of mosaic in beautiful detail. I don't recommend this place for children, but adults.

Asle Nesset — Google review

What a fantastic day out and we probably didn't get to see half of it as it's so massive inside the walls . There are plenty of places to sit and watch the world go bye while having something to eat and drink. Loads of small boutique restaurants and shops to mill in and out while you marvel at the scale of this place and how well maintained it was . I would definitely recommend going to this place.Carl

Carl Gorton Photography — Google review

What an incredible experience! This is one of the finest museums in Greece, and a must see in Rhodes. Everything about it was superb, a visit to remember for a lifetime. I visited off season, so there were no queues, but since it can get very busy during tourist season, ensure you plan tickets and your visit in advance. Definitely a place that I will come back to, with a proper medieval feel. It has to be experienced, you will not regret it!

Thalis — Google review

Great place and full of history. Visited on a weekday in late September. Not too many people, although there were a lot of groups from the cruise ships when we went. We had bought tickets on line but there is limited signage to say that you can skip the queue.We both really enjoyed our visit. Lots of mosaics (brought over from Cos by the Italians) statues, art etc. Keep an eye out for the windows which are made of thin sheets of alabaster - amazing to see.I think it was 8 euro at the time.

Anne Shepherd — Google review

Interesting bit of history in the Medieval town. We were lucky on the day to get a free pass to wander around the grand masters palace. An interesting insight into the story of the Knights of Rhodes.

Chris Barrow — Google review

Very much worth the visit and ticket price (8 euro) if you are the least historical or architecture interested. The castle is quite large with lots of interesting places and rooms to visit, with impressing interior and old mosaics, paintings and so on. Very well preserved. I spent around 2 hours during the visit.Only downside is the missing signs with descriptions about the different rooms, it could be nice to read a little about the purpose of the different rooms and structures.

Thomas Rasmussen — Google review

Very interesting and lots of history and historical information. Well worth a visit. There is a charge to get around €8 but worth it. There is a small cafe and public toilet.

Michael Jobbo Lucking — Google review

Impressive palace from the outside. As soon as you enter it is necessary to buy a ticket. Either 8€ to visit the palace once or 10€ for a combined ticket (valid for 3 days) - for the Palace of the Grand Master of Knights, the Archaeological Museum, the church of Our Lady of the Castle and the Decorative Arts Collection. The ticket can be booked online in advance, then you can save the queue for the ticket purchase (left queue) and wait only for the entrance itself (right queue).After the queue in the courtyard you are disillusioned and wonder what you paid 8€ for. But the "small" ticket also includes the way through the castle itself. For this you have to take a door next to the entrance with a large staircase up. Here there are then some nice things to see during a walk through the castle. All in all, it is worth a visit.The toilet in the courtyard can unfortunately not be locked 🫣.

Benny aka Tzuli — Google review

I will love that will be signs for the rooms and more so you know what you see. And i come to the end of march so a lot of rooms was close. It was decent for a small scroll. Is worth it for sure if you are under 25 so you can get ticket for free. Generally it was interesting to learn the story behind it and see the mosaic from Kos.

xrysostomos koumides — Google review

Neat architecture and upstairs rooms with pretty floor mosaics. Sadly during March 2024 low season, the Knight Crusaders exhibits were closed. But Combo ticket €10, covers 4 sites all near Knight St and no crowds/queues during low season.

Sabrina Szeto — Google review

The 28 best sunsets in Rhodes Town (2024)


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